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Fast, efficient, and honest, Vegas Born Junk Removal has become a reputable and well-known junk removal & hauling service. Our team is up for every job, no job is too small or big. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide great and fast communications throughout the service.

Our company is family-owned and operated, we serve the community by also being a Vegas first responder, our professionalism will show through our work.

We Service:

Las Vegas
North Las Vegas

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Why Use Vegas Born Junk Removal?

  • Save Time - No spending all day in line at a landfill or transfer station. 

  • Save Money - By hiring a professional company to remove junk, professional clients can spend time maximizing profits.

  • Reclaim Space - Clutter-free space .

  • Donate To Charity - Items that are salvaged and still of value will be donated to local charities. 

  • Reduce Risk Of Injury - By having a clutter-free area is safer for you. Having a professional company do your work will limit the risk of personal injury. 

  • Peace Of Mind - Knowing that your junk is removed promptly and disposed of responsibly. It is our goal to donate or reuse items while keeping more out of our landfills.

Kids PLay House Removal
Garage junk
Commercial junk
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